Supplier of aluminum high-pressure die casting, CNC machining services, and surface finishing under one roof. Your one stop aluminum die casting solution

Quality, Innovation and excellence

Enabling Innovation through Die Casting solution

With 200+ employees and an advanced manufacturing facility, our establishment has the capacity you need for prototyping and production.

Manufacturing premium quality die casting products

Skyfast - Pioneer Engineering Production Hub

Prizing 10 years of experience in the manufacturing field, we are one of the best aluminum die casting manufacturers in India, specialized in offering an exquisite range of die casting products for various industrial verticals around the world.

Since our establishment, we have strived to become a one-stop solution for all your manufacturing components needs. Right from rapid prototyping to quality surface finishing, Skyfast helps you get the final product with ease and all in one place.

Our products are known for their reliability, ease of installation, dimensional accuracy, high precision, and various other essential features. Thanks to our advanced manufacturing facility coupled with our extensive experience in the field, we can deliver high-quality parts meeting the needs of our customers.


Industries we serve

Aluminum die casting is the heart of what we do at Skyfast. We design and fabricate custom-engineered parts tailored to meet customer-specific requirements. With our agile and high-efficiency process, we deliver top-notch casting services and high-quality parts to various business and industrial verticals, a few of which are listed below.

Our Products

We proudly serve 300+ customer Dies across the globe with 700+ top-quality custom die casting parts.

Why choose us

Services that go beyond your expectation

In-house manufacturing facilities play a big role in distinguishing us from the rest of our competitors. Right from CNC machining to surface finishing we provide all casting services that meet requirements to a tee and exceed their expectations.

One-stop Supply Chain Solution

We have placed ourselves as a single source for all R&D products, model manufacturing, patterning, casting development, and finishing machining. The all-inclusive nature of the brand facility allows us to fully and easily outsource all your casting needs on time.

On-Time delivery

The right processes are deployed and the best engineering skills and resources are integrated to deliver your product on time, every time.

Extensive quality control and supervision

We verify and validate the quality of all raw materials used in pressure die casting to ensure the highest level of quality from start to finish. We also provide 100% supervision for all casting.

Our Clients

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