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PDC Machines

Equipped with ultra-modern, high-precision Pressure die casting machines with a locking force ranging from 100T to 200T, We have the highest capabilities to produce alloy parts with high precision and strength, with a quick turnaround time compared to other manufacturers.

What make us the best


Machine shop

To meet our customers’ evolving needs and demand, SKYFAST is equipped with the latest CNC Machines, VMC, SPM (Special Purpose Machine) in our machine shop. This enables us to provide machining for die casting parts at high precision in a short turnaround time.

CNC Machine

With over 8+ CNC machines, we strive to develop components with exceptional dimensional accuracy. Our CNC chuck diameter ranges from 135,165 to 200m. Besides our advanced automation, CNC machines assure high productivity and quality.


Our VMC machine capacity goes on par with the best in the industry. SKYFAST is equipped with the world's best VM machine. These machines are capable of taping and drilling die casting components with high precision.


We are housed with a wide range of Special Purpose Machines like SPM rotary table, Auto feeder drill (1 mm), to reduce production time and increase the operational efficiency in order to meet the customer requirements on time.